animations in lines of code

Creating complex animations for mobile apps and web used to be a challenging and lengthy process. You had to work with large images for each screen size or write thousands of lines of code. That's why most applications prefer not to use animation - although it is a powerful communication tool creating an impressive user experience.

Thanks to Airbnb's Lottie technology, it all became simplified. Lottie is a library available for iOS, Android, React Native and the web. It plays the animation in real-time and allows native applications to use animation as easily as still images. Lottie uses JSON animation data exported from Adobe After Effects.

The animations are described directly in the code, which significantly expands the capabilities of traditional linear videos. They can also respond to user interaction. The use of vector graphics in these animations makes them independent of resolution, and they also take up less space than available alternatives. These animations can help users learn to use your app, explain new features or enhance the user experience.