Discover the forms of motion graphics and animation.

Explainer video

Animated videos are the most frequent output of our studio and the best solution to pick if you need to explain complicated topics. Actors and environment could distract the attention of your audience while minimalistic graphics let them focus solely on the explained issue. Computer animation also enables interesting visual transitions and dynamic movement.

Web / App motion graphics

A powerful tool to get the attention of your site visitors and visibility. Developers can place short animated sequences directly into the web or app code. Their small size and independence of the screen resolution are other perks. It is possible to let the user influence the animation's shape and change its parameters. Unlike the animated video, these sequences are interactive. Learn more.

Social media motion graphics

Motion graphics in GIF or short video format. The goal is to get attention to social media and raise awareness about your business, product or a current topic. Instagram stories - short videos in portrait orientation - are popular among social media visitors.

Data driven animation

Allows you to create a series of similar animations in real-time. These videos are based on you data input and a visual template. We first follow a given visual style to create the video template. This template is then populated with the data and each render created through an automated process. You can use the outputs across communication channels regularly and respond to current situations quickly.