Step by step

Our creative process explained. We are going in small steps and prototype all the time.
Workshop with a client is an initial part of our creative process. We collect all availaible information about the topic and empathize with the audince or user. We use interactive design research techniques to get multiple perspectives of all stakeholders and relevant content for creating concept. We love to meet people but it is also possible to realize workshop remotely via conference call.
Concept is our first output in the creative process. From collected informations we write script and support the words with sketches - Storyboard. We boost storyboard with an animatic. It is a prototype of video, where you can see the story in basic motion with basic voiceover. Also you will get taste of final visual form applied to selected scene. Here is the best time to discuss everything and modify the story.
Voiceover recording - When story is great and delivery of key message works, we start with phase of recording final voiceover. We choose multiple voice over artist to fit project needs. You will get multiple variants of voiceover based on your requierements (like age, sex, accent, mood...).
Design - here we create final grahics and illustration based on mood board and brand guide, which best support the story and your product. We find best composition, colors and illustration style for every scene. We prepare all the graphics for animation.
Motion design. When we have all graphicall elements and voiceover ready, we start to make things move. We make smooth movements and eye cathing transitions to support key message and story.
Sound design. Moving pictures are just a half of the succes. You need to design sounds and add music, to get whole audiovisual experince. We find proper sounds and music in order to support atmosphere fo the story.